Modern Portfolio Theory is Flawed

Diversification Is No Longer Effective In Mitigating Risks

Modern Portfolio Theory states that you should diversify among non-correlated asset classes to reduce overall portfolio volatility; however asset correlations have increased to the point where a passively managed portfolio will always be subject to concurrent declines in a broad swath of asset classes.

Drawdowns DO Matter

Investors approaching retirement or in retirement and making regular withdrawals may not have the luxury of the time required to recover losses incurred with a "Buy and Hold" portfolio.

Bond Markets are No Longer 'Low Risk' Investments

Central Bank interest rate policies have crushed interest rates sending bond prices soaring. Current low yields are not sustainable and the resulting rebound will likely crush bond prices.

Tactical Asset Allocation

is an active management strategy that dynamically adjusts a portfolio’s asset allocation to current market conditions with the objectives of minimizing the potential for large drawdowns and maximizing opportunities to improve returns. This is accomplished by reducing exposure to weak funds and increasing exposure to strong funds.

The Financial Industry copes with Bull markets with "Buy" and Bear Markets with "Hold and Hope". Our unique approach to Tactical Asset Allocation offers a much better way ... the Market Risk Model identifies market conditions as Favorable or Unfavorable and selects the appropriate Strategy. The Global Core Strategy is designed for safety in Unfavorable markets while the Global Satellite Strategy is targeted to higher returns in Favorable markets. The result is an investment which preserves capital and outperforms on the upside.

TAAS-Chart - Benchmarks w Global Strategy (C&A)

Actively Managing Your Portfolio is Smart and Saves You Money

Controlled Selection

As a self-directed investor, you can select the best performing funds and discard the worst to improve returns.

Mitigated Drawdowns

Selling an asset that has declined is not timing the market, it is simply a way of managing risk.

Intelligent Allocations

Capitalizing upon cyclical rallies and declines optimizes total portfolio returns.

Management Fees

Financial Advisors, Managed Programs, and Hedge Funds all charge fees based on the size of your investment portfolio, often 1% to 2% (and up).

BUT Active Management Comes With Its Own Set Of Challenges

Am I making the best decisions?

Am I missing out on great opportunities?

Am I holding too much or too little cash? equities? fixed income?

Which ideas and research can I trust?

Bull Market or Bear Market ahead?

The Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies Subscription
is the Self Directed Investor's Solution

Because it employs a tested, mechanical methodology to minimize drawdowns and improve returns.

What Can Subscribers Expect?

Monthly Portfolio Rebalance

Receive detailed instructions to rebalance your portfolio for optimum performance under current market conditions.

Brief Strategies Commentary

Receive a summarized explanation of the strategies and how the market conditions during the prior month prompted the suggested changes.

State of the Market Risk Model

Find out if the market conditions are Favorable or Unfavorable, how it affected the strategies, and how to use them to protect your assets.

Focused Interest in Your Results

I subscribe to, and use these Strategies to manage a substantial portion of our personal investments.

What Does a Subcription Really Give You?

Greater safety and higher returns during corrections and bear markets

More opportunity to participate in positive market trends

Avoid risks and costs of discretionary management

Simplified, non-discretionary active management process

TAAS is for The Self Directed Investor Who

. . . knows and understands their risk tolerance

. . .  seeks low-risk opportunities to participate in positive market trends

. . . expects focused interest in their results

A TAAS Subscriber Remains in Control

Investments remain completely under the Subscriber's control.

Strategies are held in the Subscriber's brokerage account.

Subscribers make the final decisions regarding ALL investments.

Minimizing Drawdowns and Improving Returns is Possible
With The TAAS Subscription

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